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Frequently asked questions


If you are considering a Vizsla for your next dog here are some of the many reasons we believe they are a great choice:
  • Vizslas are highly intelligent and loyal dogs which makes them great family pets
  • They are low maintenance and require minimal grooming
  • They have low-shedding coats
  • Vizslas are good with children when trained correctly from a  young age 
  • In the right hands, Vizslas are easy to train 
  • Due to their high drive. Vizslas make great gun and agility dogs

Vizslas make wonderful family pets in the right hands. They are playful, affectionate, and loving. 

However, it is important to consider the amount of time you can give your Vizsla, especially if you have young children. As puppies, Vizslas can be highly energetic, and at times boisterous. Dedicating sufficient time for exercise and training with your puppy is an important consideration and will shape your Vizsla’s temperament as an adult dog.  


Ideally, we would look for previous dog experience prior to owning a Vizsla; although Vizslas are wonderful, loyal and loving, they are full of energy and  can be challenging. If you feel a Vizsla is the right dog for you, we think it would be a be a worthwhile investment to spend time discussing what to expect with existing Vizsla owners.  You may even make new friends into the bargain!

Vizslas are commonly known as the ‘velcro dog’ for good reason; they are incredibly people-orientated and form strong ties with their families. As such, they can suffer from separation anxiety if left on their own for long periods of time. If left to their own devices an intelligent Vizsla may find ways to entertain themselves and potentially become destructive around the home. 

Even though our Vizslas are short haired and shed significantly less than many other breeds, they do moult and as such,  cannot be considered hypoallergenic. 

When buying a pedigree dog it is important to know that the parents have had the minimum health tests required for that breed. Kennel Club Assured Breeder and Hungarian Vizsla Club Approved Breeder status requires Hip Scoring and Gonioscopy before mating. Other health tests to consider include: elbow scores and DNA tests for Cerebella Ataxia, Long Hair Gene and Hyperuricosuria. 

At Mydroilyn Vizslas we ask for a £200 deposit to join the reservation list. We ask for a deposit for 2 reasons:

Firstly, we get a lot of enquiries and so this helps us ensure we understand who is genuine in wanting a puppy from us. 

Secondly, puppies are chosen in order of length of time on reservation list.  

We have worked hard at Mydroilyn Vizslas to create a strong community with all our owners and we offer a lifetime of support. We pride ourselves on giving our puppies the best starts in life on our family-run small holding. 

We pride ourselves on finding the best owners for our puppies and have over 50 reviews on Facebook and Google Business combined. 

If you are looking for a responsibly bred puppy, from health tested and well-mannered parents, with a lifetime of support we are the breeders for you. 

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