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mydroilyn hungarian vizslas

About Us

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About Mydroilyn Stud

Breeding Healthy, Happy Dogs

We are a small, family run kennels, based on our small holding in West Wales. Our first gun dog, several years ago, was a Vizsla, and we haven’t looked back since. We have a wealth of experience breeding animals as well as within the veterinary industry. Hungarian Vizslas are our passion and we feel very fortunate in being able to share some of the joy and happiness that they bring with others.  

Our Vizslas are members of the family, however they are also used for work, as well as in the show ring. They are all happy and confident dogs with big personalities as well as plenty of stamina and a natural hunting instinct. We have focused on temperament above all and our dogs are well mannered and trained. 

We are a licensed kennels with the Council and have also been awarded Assured Breeder status by the Kennel Club, a scheme for breeders that make the health and welfare of dogs their priority and strive to provide a source of healthy well-bred and well-reared puppies.

The Vizslas enjoy regular trips to the beach as well as horse rides and also enjoy daily play sessions by the river; we have lots of videos and photos of them out and about on our social media pages.

mydroilyn Vizslas' Annual VIZ WIZ!

We are very proud of the community we have established with our owners, and last year we ran our first Viz Wiz! We invited all of our owners to join us for a beach walk, followed by a picnic.  A wonderful day was enjoyed by 26 Vizslas from all over the UK and every Vizsla went home with a doggy pack. We are already looking forward to our next Viz Wiz in 2023. Watch the video below from Viz Wiz 2022! 

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mydroilyn hungarian vizslas

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